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Automatic Car Driving Instructors Glasshouse, North Brisbane and Caboolture

Driving Lessons That Come To You

We teach where you drive, local roads, school zones, highways and carparks, at a time that suits you. 

Some of our clients favourite options include:

Before school or during spare periods
Pick up from school at end of day, finish at home to save the walk
Saturday morning from home in between sporting commitments
School holidays pick up from home, finish at work

Our highly experienced instructors use dual control vehicles for your safety and modern cars, regularly cleaned and maintained for your comfort. 

You are 16 years or over and in possession of an Australian issued Learner Permit. You must bring your Learner Permit and logbook to every lesson in order to drive our vehicles.

Why Professional Driving Lessons?

Teaching is a specialist skill and our instructors are fully qualified professionals who understand how to best share their knowledge. They can also set you up with a learning plan to best suit your needs and work with your regular supervisor to get the best results.

If that’s not enough, remember that road rules do change. Professional driving instructors stay up to date with all the changes, and know the rules in your jurisdiction. Many supervising parents learnt in another jurisdiction 20 or 30 years ago. You may find yourself teaching them as you go through the driver knowledge test preparations!

Al's Driving School Caboolture Learners Vehicle 2

Our driving lessons can help:

Get you from L’s to P’s with ease
Ensure you learn the most accurate current road rules for Queensland
Triple your logbook hours - the first 10 hours with an instructor count as 3 hours each - get 30 hours logged for the price of 10
Refresh your skills and identify differences in road rules if you are transferring an international licence
Get you started on the road with the basics
Finesse your skills to pass your practical driving test

Available individually or for excellent value book one of our driving lesson packages.

Learn The Basics Or Finesse Your Skills For Testing