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Truck Driver Training

Truck Driving Lessons to Progress Your Career

While Australia continues to offer a bustling road transport industry, there will remain a need for licenced truck drivers.

Our Truck Driving Lessons provide you the experience and understanding to successfully pass the practical HR or HC test and get moving on your road transport career.

Our truck driving lessons are offered from our conveniently located, Caboolture truck driving facility giving us practical access to appropriate conditions for training. All lessons are offered 1:1 and are tailored to your learning style, speed and previous experience.

Get Moving On Your Truck Driving Career
Caboolture truck driving lessons

Heavy Vehicle / Truck Driving Lessons Available

We are proud to offer automatic truck driving lessons in the following categories:

Heavy Rigid (HR)

Bus or truck over 8t GVM with more than 2 axles, articulated bus (that bends in the middle) or trailer with maximum weight of 9t GVM.

Heavy Combination (HC) Licence Training

Class HR vehicle, trucks including prime mover or mobile crane over 8t GVM with trailer greater than 9t GVM

Multi-Combination (MC) coming soon

Class MC vehicle, B-double and road trains.

Save Big On Our Truck Driving Lesson Packages

Eligibility Requirements for Truck Driving Lessons In Qld

In order to start your truck driving lessons with us you must be eligible to do so.

Specifically you:

  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Have held your probationary licence for at least 2 years or your Light Rigid/Medium Rigid licence for at least 1 year
  • Abide by the Queensland Government zero alcohol limit for learner drivers

All drivers upgrading their licence class will be required to display learner plates during their lesson and carry their existing licence. 

Further details about driver licence classes including eligibility to apply for higher class licences are available from the Queensland Government.

Do You Meet These Requirements?